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6 Little-known Spots on Meadowood’s Campus that Residents Love

6 Little-known Spots on Meadowood’s Campus that Residents Love

6 Little-known Spots on Meadowood’s Campus that Residents Love

You may already know about the state-of-the-art gym, the two pools and the spectacular new fitness courtyard at Meadowood. But there are lesser-known spots on our sprawling 131-acre campus that truly make our community unique.

Hugh Trumbull and his wife, Ann, have lived at Meadowood for six years and know many of the off-the-radar spots around campus.

“This kind of thing brings Meadowood alive to us – people coming from the outside, they don’t always get to see those things,” Hugh says. Hugh, formerly in the military and in private industry, is now putting his skills to use as vice president of the Meadowood Residents Association.

Here are six of Meadowood’s hidden gems, brought to you by Hugh, who is generously sharing his favorite spots with us.

1. The Bridge on the Flying Goose Trail. Walking trails weave throughout Meadowood’s 131 wooded acres. One of them is a particular favorite of Hugh’s. “The trail has a good-size bridge on it, designed and built by residents,” says Hugh. “Deer hang out nearby, at the stream under the bridge, and it’s a favorite area of mine to watch them.”


2. Garden Grove. Opposite the health center is a beautiful garden, created and maintained by residents. “It’s absolutely gorgeous,” Hugh says. “Health care workers can go out there and have lunch together — at a distance.” Health center residents can also go there, with friends and family, and sit on the benches, or at a nice table with six chairs. Hugh and Ann, the green thumb in the family, volunteer to tend the flower beds at Garden Grove.

3. Bluebird birdhouses. The Woods & Trails Committee has built and maintained 72 birdhouses in many spots on campus. Although the birdhouses are designed for bluebirds, other birds nest there, too. The committee keeps a count of how many get used. “We’ve had great luck with the bluebirds this year,” says Hugh.

4. Bocce courts. Of the 60-plus Meadowood resident-run activities, bocce is the most popular. “We have two bocce courts and almost 100 people playing,” Hugh says “A lot of people get really excited about it.” Stay tuned for more about the four new activities Meadowood is starting up this year!

5. The new courtyard at The Grove. “The pond, the fountain, the grass, that’s going to be a really attractive spot,” Hugh says. “You could take a sandwich and go up there and sit and enjoy the area. There’s a beautiful firepit, and people are already using it in the evening and having a glass of wine. It’s big enough so that you can put five or seven people around it and socially distance.”

6. The Trumbulls’ own sunroom. It’s not a coincidence that half of the Meadowood neighborhoods are named after birds. (The other half are named after trees.) As residents of a courtyard apartment in Pheasant Run, Hugh and Ann don’t have to go far to enjoy the many species of birds that grace the campus. “We have a sunroom with bird feeders to the south and east,” Hugh says. “We waste a lot of time watching the birds.”

The colorful species, including finches, catbirds, bluebirds and robins, look forward to the feedings they get from Hugh and Ann. “The birds know exactly when we get up in the morning; they’re right on schedule,” Hugh says.

Although Hugh has managed to find several little-known spots to share, it wasn’t easy to choose them. “The whole campus is very well maintained,” he says. “The guy that heads our grounds crew is very dedicated. He runs a substantial crew with a lot of commitment. It takes a lot to maintain 130-plus acres — the grounds look beautiful.”

If you’d like to explore some of these special spots on campus, we invite you to stop by for a personal tour. Call us at 610-584-1000 to arrange your visit.