“Big L” retires!

“Big L” retires!

BigLRetirement2We never thought the day would come…but “Big L”, our beloved chef and “Master of the Meadowood Chowderfest” has retired.

When people visit Meadowood, the feedback is instant. Our community is described as warm and friendly. The residents and staff are like a family and that is evident when you walk around the campus. One of our special staff members, Lawrence “Big L” Bloomfield, retired last month and will be greatly missed by everyone. The following was an article written by Gareth Williams, former Dining Director at Meadowood, about Big L last year in our resident newsletter, MeadowTalk.

“Big L came to the States in 1969 from the Caribbean tropical paradise of Jamaica. One of his first jobs was as a prep cook and line cook at the renowned eatery Fishers, a busy steak and seafood restaurant located at 35th and Broad Streets in Philadelphia. There he learned his culinary trade and developed the natural cooking skills that have served him well throughout his career. Lawrence was a loyal employee at Fishers for 20 years, after which he moved on to a six-year stint at the Masonic Home in Philadelphia.

Coming to Meadowood in 1997 was a nice change for Big L, and he quickly embraced the not-for-profit world of senior living. This seemed to suit him well as he is naturally very gregarious, and both residents and staff recognized his quick and winning smile and ever-present sense of humor — not to mention the delicious meals he prepared for them. Big L has been in the kitchen as Meadowood for 17 years now and loves his job. However, the word “retirement” has seemed to come up more frequently of late. He recently told me he would be retiring next year, but we shall see!

I have to believe that Lawrence’s winning Oyster Chowder was the result of a 50-year culinary journey, during which he perfected this dish. He said it was the same recipe he had used at Fishers – plus a lot of TLC!

We thank Big L for his on-going service to Meadowood. Our tummies will miss him if he ever retires, and so will our hearts!”

We wish Big L the best and hope he enjoys retirement!

“Big L” retires!