Hubie’s Adventures in Africa

Hubie’s Adventures in Africa

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Hubie Bishop, one of Meadowood’s more adventurous travelers, enjoyed her seventh African safari this past spring. Hubie travelled with the Overseas Adventure Travel company, who specialize in smaller groups to exotic locations.

Hubie has travelled all over the world, many times with her daughter, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. Out of the 49 countries she’s visited, a few stand out as her favorites. Switzerland, because her mother was born there and the flowers and mountains are beautiful. Costa Rica, mainly because the guide did such a wonderful job in making sure they experienced the culture. Russia and the Ukraine were also favorites mainly because of the architecture, bridges and people. Hubie continues to return to Africa also because of the people. Even though most people like to visit Kenya, Hubie prefers Botswana, Zimbabwe and Tanzania.

So what’s next on Hubie’s travel itinerary? Portugal next month!

Scroll down to see more photos from Hubies trip. Top to bottom: Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, boating with the tour group (Hubie is on the far left) and a hippopotamus taking in some air.

All photos were taken by Hubie.

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Hubie’s Adventures in Africa