Living WELLNESS at Meadowood

Living WELLNESS at Meadowood

When Jim Mangol, Meadowood’s Senior Director of Fitness and Wellness, spoke to a group of prospective residents at a recent marketing event, he was vibrating with enthusiasm. Jim not only oversees the program at Meadowood, he and his team live it. The fitness and wellness team is comprised of credentialed and experienced professionals. There are seven employees, including three full-time Bachelors and/or Masters prepared, nationally certified personal trainers as well as lifeguard-certified aquatics staff. Rounding out the team of 11 are four contracted specialists who teach Yoga, Tai Chi, high-intensity land and water classes and line dancing. Why is this important? You want to know that if you are working with a fitness specialist, they are trained and can design a program that provides the maximum benefit for you.

Several years ago, Meadowood began the process of planning for a new cool-water lap pool to enhance the already cutting-edge programming and facilities on campus. In Jim’s mind, the new pool would serve even more residents, fulfilling his mantra of “Wellness, your way.” He visited 18 other communities to learn what would be the best fit for Meadowood. Building on an already impressive program, the cool-water lap pool will offer residents desiring a higher level of intensity another option. Make sure to view our video about wellness at Meadowood.

The new pool will have a traditional “deep end” which will allow for deep-water aerobics. Jim is also excited because he will be able to conduct aqua aerobics classes while at the same time lap swimmers will be able to utilize another area of the pool. “We realize not every resident will use the pool, however many residents will enjoy sitting on the beautiful patio surrounding the pool – and on a nice day, the 30 foot glass wall will open completely offering a true outdoor pool atmosphere.”

The courtyard just outside of the new pool will be beautifully landscaped, including walkways, a stream, an outdoor kitchen, fire pit and many areas to sit and enjoy the outdoors. There is even an area for those participating in physical therapy to do part of their exercises outside. Speaking of outside exercise…Jim will have some of his aerobics classic outside when the weather permits! Part of the patio will be a special type of material perfect for exercising.

Meadowood also features a 1,600 square foot strength training studio, an aerobics studio that is open and bright, overlooking the new courtyard, as well as a cardio room, existing warm-water lap pool and a newly renovated locker room feature seven private changing rooms complete with showers and bathrooms! The new pool and locker rooms will open just after Labor Day.

You can see why it is easy to get excited about our wellness program at Meadowood. We continue to grow and look to the future to be sure we are serving our residents in the best way that works for them. This way of living wellness at Meadowood perfectly aligns with our mission of providing the highest quality of life for all who experience the Meadowood community.

We hope you come to visit soon, we’d love to share our community with you!


Jim Mangol, Senior Director of Fitness and Wellness

Living WELLNESS at Meadowood