Everyone is looking for motivation. Some are looking for a healthier lifestyle while others are just looking for a reason to get out of bed every morning to face a new day. So what does motivation have to do with senior living?

A Retirement Counselor at a Life Plan Community feels motivated to help someone live a healthier lifestyle and to have a lot of reasons to get out of bed every morning. Every person that visits a community has different factors that are driving a move. Some are tired of the upkeep of a house, others are looking for a social outlet while others are highly focused on the security of future care. All good reasons.

Bad Motivation

When someone comes to a community in “crisis mode” looking for a solution to a health crisis, this can be classified as bad motivation. It is the equivalent of waiting until your house is burning down to buy a fire extinguisher. There is already damage and chances are, the move will not solve the crisis, and may sometimes make it worse. There are even times when the move has been put off for too long and the benefits of moving to a Life Plan Community are no longer an option.

Good Motivation

The desire to proactively plan for your future by moving to a community while you can enjoy the many benefits is good motivation. You are well enough to make the decision and do not feel “forced” to make a quick decision based upon an outside force. You’ve done your research and you found a community that fits your interests and personal preferences. You move in and make friends, find groups and activities that enhance your life and you become a part of a true community.

First Step

If you are reading this and you or someone you know is curious about a Life Plan Community, take the first step. Pick up the phone and call a few communities to set up a visit. Many communities have group informational meetings. Click here to see Meadowood’s upcoming events. Visit and see what appeals to you and maybe you might just find some motivation!