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February 4, 2021

Welcome to the Wellness Blog

I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce myself in this first Wellness Blog post. My name is Donna Birdsell, and I am a certified health and wellness coach and mindfulness meditation teacher, as well as a certified personal trainer here at Meadowood Senior Living. I have worked here since 2017, but have a much longer history with the community. Several of my relatives were longtime residents, and frequent visits to this lovely campus cultivated my abiding love for the Meadowood community. I felt drawn to work here almost from […]
January 27, 2021

Three Things Meadowood Will Keep After COVID-19

by John Kotsatos, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Jody LaVerdure, Director of Development and Community Relations “When COVID-19 hit back in March, we quickly adapted to the rapidly changing environment. What we’ve found is that we want to keep some of the new ways of doing things, as they add a lot to our community,” says John. “Three areas that will be even more integral to our culture moving forward: communication, virtual programming and volunteering. The Strength of Communication “We were already in the process of integrating Caremerge […]
December 30, 2020

Looking forward to the light of 2021

by Meadowood President & CEO Paul Nordeman As I think back on this past year, I go back to March. And the first COVID-19 case in Pennsylvania was in our little town of Worcester, Meadowood’s “home town.” I look back on how we mobilized immediately as a team and from that point forward we cemented a team spirit to protect Meadowood. We’ve given all of our energy to that. And it’s been so inspiring for me to be a part of. It started at the top with the leadership team, […]
December 14, 2020

An Early Look at the Visionary New Meadowood Memory Care Center

It’s still in the planning stages, and it doesn’t have a name yet, but there’s something very exciting coming to Meadowood. A new memory care center with a highly innovative design is underway. To learn more about what’s happening behind the scenes, we talked to Stephanie Messler, director of personal care at Meadowood. According to Stephanie, the need for more memory care space at Meadowood has opened up the opportunity for a whole new type of program. Slated to break ground next spring, this new memory care center, attached to […]
December 2, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions From Our Virtual Resident Panels

During COVID-19, we’ve replaced our on-campus events with virtual resident panels and other online events. These interactive sessions really get to the heart of what life is like here at Meadowood. One of the best parts of the panels has been the great questions participants are asking. Here are a few of the questions our residents most frequently get asked — and their forthright answers. 1. How’s the food? (Really, how’s the food?) “We have a bistro here, and the food is absolutely magnificent. If you go to the dining […]
November 20, 2020

10 Little-Known Facts About Meadowood At Home

Today, we’re talking to Lynn Perugini, director of sales and marketing at Meadowood At Home. Lynn has been helping seniors make choices about their future care for 25+ years, and knows how overwhelming the decision process can be. In this post, she’ll explain 10 little-known facts about the Meadowood At Home program. It’s not home care. It’s more than that. Meadowood At Home and other continuing care at home programs are not just home care (although they include it). Meadowood At Home is a complete plan for your future, offering […]
November 10, 2020

Team Meadowood Surpasses Its Fundraising Goal for Alzheimer’s Walk

Even as COVID-19 takes the headlines, Alzheimer’s is still a critical health issue we all need to battle. The annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s will happen this year, but because of the pandemic, it’s not walking as usual. To learn more about how our community is participating, we talked to Stephanie Messler, director of personal care at Meadowood and chairperson of the Philadelphia Walk to End Alzheimer’s. “Even though we’re not having a large physical event in Philly, Alzheimer’s has not gone away during COVID-19,” Stephanie stressed. “It’s still very […]
November 2, 2020

Delivering Extraordinary Culinary Experiences During Extraordinary Times

Meadowood’s dining team has gone above and beyond to provide an excellent culinary experience to residents during these challenging times. To celebrate the team’s efforts and learn how it’s adapting to the current situation, we’re talking to Meadowood’s Senior Director of Dining Services, Christine Pacitti. Meadowood has always been known for its gourmet dining experiences. How are you adapting to these unusual times? It’s a new way to think about dining. For instance, we’ll do outdoor specialty meals, serving courtyard to courtyard simultaneously. We put on an Oktoberfest cocktail party […]
October 26, 2020

Celebrating Brain-Friendly Living at Meadowood

To celebrate Longevity Month, we’re talking to Eileen Joseph, Meadowood’s nationally recognized fitness guru, certified dementia care specialist, and resident and staff educator. Her passion at Meadowood? It’s all about strengthening the brain. “I’ve come to understand how important brain fitness is,” Eileen says. “As much as physical fitness, it’s at the very core of a healthy and independent life.” “One of the things that we know about getting older is how important it is to really maintain one’s quality of life so one can remain as independent as possible,” […]