What does wellness mean to you?

What does wellness mean to you?

wellnessWhat does wellness mean to you?

There’s a lot of talk about wellness lately. What does it really mean though? It’s one of those buzz words that holds a different meaning for each person. At Meadowood it means participating in whatever type of physical, intellectual, social or meaningful activity that works best for you.

Meadowood’s Fitness and Wellness program is much more than a space to exercise; it is a comprehensive program that promotes the Six Dimensions of Wellness (Social, Mental, Environmental, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical). We understand that not everyone wants to lift weights or participate in an aerobics class. And that’s ok. In fact, our Fitness and Wellness Director, Jim Mangol, has coined the phrase, “fitness and wellness YOUR WAY.” He doesn’t care how our residents and employees participate, he just cares that they do something that will work for them.

We all know that being active promotes overall good health, boosts your mood and has a myriad of positive effects on both the mind and body. What we also know is that only 30% of those 62 years of age and older do not participate in any form of exercise. We see the negative effects of this everyday with skyrocketing rates of obesity and depression. At Meadowood we have nearly a 50% participation rate in our wellness program, which we intend to keep increasing. So how are we getting our residents motivated?

Take the case of Bob, Mary and Sally. Bob gets up at 5:30am every morning, swims laps for an hour and then works out in the cardio room. In addition, three times each week he adds strength training. Bob is a regimented person who had a career in the military. Wellness to Bob means a strict program of physical fitness. All of our fitness areas are open to residents 24 hours a day so he can work out when it is convenient for him.

Mary is a night owl and wakes up around 10am every morning. She has time for breakfast before the 11am aerobics class. She loves seeing her friends there and laughing is as much a part of the class as the actual moves! After class, she and a few friends have lunch in the café.

Sally enjoys walking around the campus on both the mile of wooded trails and along the paved Perimeter Road. She is also a birder and brings along her binoculars in case she spots a particularly interesting specimen. She sometimes walks four or five miles a day!

All three residents are experiencing wellness their way, on their terms. And that’s how we like it.



What does wellness mean to you?