Coronavirus (COVID-19)

January 21, 2022

At Meadowood, the health and safety of those who live and work on campus remains our highest priority. Meadowood continues to review and update policies and procedures for preventive purposes and safe operations.


We are proud to report that nearly 100% of our residents have been vaccinated, as well as 100% of our team members. We couldn’t have made it this far without the dedication and commitment of each of you, and for that we thank you so very much!

Visitation and Screening:

Out of concern for the increasing spread of the Omicron variant, the guidelines below have been temporarily implemented in order to keep our residents, employees, and Meadowood Community safe.

  • No outside guests will be permitted to visit in the Schultz Community Center, or any other common indoor spaces until further notice.
  • Visitors to the health center must enter through the main entrance of the Schultz Community Center to be screened.
  • Everyone will be required to wear facemasks when visiting common indoor spaces, such as the Schultz Community Center. Employees must wear facemasks at all times when indoors, including entering resident apartments and office areas.
  • Screening will resume at the Community Service Desk for anyone entering the building.
  • The dining areas will remain open, but no outside guests will be permitted.

Resident wellness and engagement:

Meadowood remains steadfast in honoring all dimensions of wellness to residents even through the most challenging circumstances. We are committed to keep every resident in the community engaged by meeting their individual wellness needs through a variety of physical, emotional, spiritual, vocational, social and intellectual programming options.

Indoor classes, MRA Committees and activity programs are open with limited restrictions. Pre-registration for classes is required. Masks are required for all individuals. 

Resident Care Services:

This department provides health services for all in residential living. They respond to all sick, urgent, and emergency calls, as well as run wellness services and coordinate primary and specialty physician services. In addition to all of our routine services, we have instituted some additional care which includes:

  • Regular check-ins by phone to those who are most vulnerable due to age, and underlying health conditions.
  • Education on good infection control procedures for residents.
  • Working collaboratively with a social worker on completing assessments for those who are experiencing increased feelings of anxiety or isolation.

Our team continues to be proactive, monitoring new developments and updating policies. We are ready to take prompt and effective action as needed. We are asking residents, families and team members to be diligent with prevention to keep members of our community safe.

Thank you for your cooperation.

-Paul Nordeman

President & CEO