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Resident Testimonials

Our Residents Tell It Like It Is

Want to know what life’s really like at Meadowood? Wonder how the food rates? Should you join the Meadowood Club? What do residents like best about Meadowood? Are the residents friendly? Find answers to your most pressing questions about Meadowood from the people who know it best.

“When my husband asked what I would do if he wasn’t around, I replied “I would sell this house and move somewhere that I could make friends and have a support group” We’ve moved to Meadowood one year ago and we love it here. So many great things to do and everyone waves, even the gentlemen who take care of the grounds. We are glad we moved when we were still able to be active and become part of the community!!”

Terry Riesz – July 2023/Meadowood Resident

“The residents, staff, facilities and amenities have all exceeded our expectations. We love the lifestyle Meadowood provides and are delighted we made the move!”

Susan Elko – June 2023/Meadowood Resident

“We have been at Meadowood since 06-13-2022. We have enjoyed all amenities offered. We have had guests over the time we have been here and try to promote Meadowood to them in the hope that they would give consideration to, in the future, to be residents – We especially enjoy the well- maintained grounds, and people we have met.”

Rosalie Nyce – June 2023/Meadowood Resident

“Meadowood is a peaceful, beautiful senior living community with all the amenities. There are activities to suit all interests and the Health & Wellness program recently won national recognition for excellence. The residents and staff are friendly and engaging. The dining services are excellent, often catering to special events and celebrations.”

Mary Lindner – 2021/Meadowood Resident

“My husband and I moved to Meadowood eight years ago. As my husband’s health failed, we found the health care he received in the health center exceptionally good. So many staff asked me how I was going throughout his illness. I was in awe that the staff was caring for me as well as for my husband. What attracted us to Meadowood was this beautiful campus, fine dining, the fitness program and the activities.”

Helene Boclair – 2021/Meadowood Resident

“We have lived at Meadowood for almost 5 years. We have been happy since the day we moved in. The people here are wonderful, friendly, and helpful. The staff is terrific and any service you need is available and very quickly. We would recommend Meadowood to anyone who is looking to live in a wonderful stress-free environment surrounded by beautiful grounds and great people.”

Susan Venart – 2021/Meadowood Resident

“Meadowood is the home away from home that I never expected to find. As soon as you enter here you feel the friendliness of the people. Living becomes easier. All of your needs are taken care of. You can join any activities or none as you wish.”

Dorothy McHale – 2021/Meadowood Resident

“No living situation will be perfect. But Meadowood is about as close to perfect as can be expected. The administration looks after our accommodations and keeps them up to date. The staff does all in their power to make our living comfortable and satisfying.”

Duncan McIntosh – 2021/Meadowood Resident