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Exploring the Spiritual Dimension

Exploring the Spiritual Dimension

Exploring the Spiritual Dimension

At Meadowood Senior Living, the Spiritual Dimension of Wellness doesn’t just come out at Halloween.

Okay, okay. Bad joke, but it’s true! Meadowell programming is designed to welcome spiritual exploration and nurturing every day.

It is important to note that while spirituality and religion often exist in tandem, they are not the same thing. While religion is a particular system of belief and worship, spirituality is a guiding force. A set of values that give direction to your life. It is the willingness to seek meaning and purpose in life. To question everything and to appreciate the things that can’t be easily explained or understood.

At Meadowood, we honor and respect the many versions of spirituality that can be found in our resident and staff populations. Religious practices, philosophy, or a moral code–whatever “spiritual” means to you, it is a deeply personal thing. No matter your beliefs, we offer the opportunity to practice, worship, meditate or pray in whatever fashion you embrace.

We strive to incorporate many forms of spiritual exploration and opportunity right here on campus. For example, our chaplain leads weekly, all-welcome worship services and makes home visits to those who wish. Several staff members are Eucharistic ministers, able to offer holy communion to our Catholic residents. Jewish holidays are celebrated throughout the year, and varied religious traditions from around the world are explored through special events.

Some of our spiritually-centered activities have included prayer walks, caroling in the courtyards, Passover dinners, walking meditations, tai chi, and yoga. Our resident activities include several faith-based offerings such as bible study and prayer groups. Classes are held each week for those seeking peace through mindfulness and meditation. And the meditation room, Wellness Garden, walking trails and courtyards offer peaceful spaces for thought and reflection.

Off campus, we have established community connections with many local religious organizations as well, for both worship and volunteer opportunities.

With all that is available, we feel confident we have all you need to nurture the spiritual dimension of wellness right here, every day of the year. Including Halloween. :-)

Until we meet…