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Meadowood Employee Spotlight: CNA Jeanalyn

Meadowood Employee Spotlight: CNA Jeanalyn

Meadowood Employee Spotlight: CNA Jeanalyn

Meadowood is lucky to employ some of the most talented and caring healthcare staff. Our nursing staff and CNAs are a huge part of what makes our community so special. Jeanalyn, one of our top CNAs, sat down with us to share why she chose Meadowood and what she likes most about our community.

What does a typical day look like at Meadowood?

I’m a Med Tech and CNA. Some days, I handle dispensing medication to residents. Other days, I just help with resident needs. This could be helping them shower, getting them over to the resident care area to see a doctor if they need it, trips to the salon — whatever they need to do, we help them accomplish it.

How did you hear about Meadowood?

A friend of mine started working at Meadowood and had told me good things about it, saying it was different. I’ve been to several communities, and they are always different, so I was curious to know what made Meadowood unique.

What made you consider Meadowood for employment?

The first time I saw it, I was like, “Wow!” Even just the main entrance is impressive. You won’t get lost, but it is a very large community. Each unit is unique, which is really nice. It’s amazing how clean and organized it is, and how friendly all the staff and residents are. As you walk through the halls, everyone says hello, and there is a very positive atmosphere.

What do you like most about your job?

The residents. They are like a family. It’s true that you work for them, but they are so nice to you. They know you’re helping them, so they do everything they can to make your job more pleasant. It really feels like teamwork between the residents, the staff, and the management, to make every day go well. They treat you like family and so many of them are so upbeat and funny, they’re always ready with a joke or comment to make you smile.

Is teamwork important at Meadowood?

If I need help with something, my colleagues are there immediately. If I’m helping a resident or working on something, and another resident needs assistance, by the time I get to them someone else is already helping. We each cover different areas, but no one leaves a resident waiting just because they’re in a different area. You don’t even have to ask for help, everyone here takes the initiative and we really look out for each other.

Do you feel like you have what you need to do your job well?

Yes, but if I do have to ask for something I need, like more clean towels in the morning to help with resident showers, management always makes sure you get what you need. They take action to ensure that no matter what happens today, tomorrow will be better.

What is the most important thing you look for in an employer?

Cleanliness, I think. It’s a big plus. When you walk up to Meadowood for the first time, you can immediately see how well-kept the grounds and buildings are, and that continues throughout the facilities. There is a priority here to put real care and attention to detail toward the entire community. Working in a clean and organized environment has a big impact on your mindset, and I think it inspires everyone here with the sense that we’re part of something special, a community that is unique and feels like a family.

Interested In A Career At Meadowood?

Do you enjoy working with seniors? We have CNA positions available at our Worcester, Pennsylvania life plan community. View our current positions and apply here today, or you can download an application here.