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Meadowood Plans a Lap Pool

Meadowood plans to expand its already robust fitness and wellness program by adding a cool water lap pool. Also included in the project is an expansion of the physical therapy gym, redesign and enhancement of the courtyard as well as an addition to the cardio room and locker rooms.

Jody LaVerdure, Director of Development & Community Relations, recently spoke about this exciting addition. “The Wellness and Lap Pool will honor our mission and vision and our commitment to wellness programming. The pool will be used for various purposes, including lap swimming, aerobic classes, and intergenerational programs, to name a few.”

Fitness Director, Jim Mangol is excited about the design of the pool. “The pool is designed to open up to the outside to provide residents and guests an indoor-outdoor experience. This connection with nature is a key component of wellness, which is why we are also planning to enhance the most prominent courtyard in our community.”

Click below to view renderings of the courtyard and pool!

CAMERA_1_edit_2015 07 21_3

outer view of lap pool addition

outer view of courtyard enhancement and lap pool addition

CAMERA_3_edit_2015 07 21_7

cool water lap pool inside view

Courtyard Garden-Concept 7-20-15 (2)

courtyard enhancement site plan