Telemedicine comes to Meadowood!

Telemedicine comes to Meadowood!

The term “telemedicine” seems straight out of a science fiction movie, however the future is now! Meadowood is excited to announce that telemedicine will be a part of our comprehensive, holistic approach to care. We expect to launch the program in January 2016.

“TripleCare was born out of the realization that patients in our healthcare system face many challenges during treatment, and one of the biggest is getting access to high-quality care — quickly and comfortably. The founders of TripleCare saw the lack of physician care after-hours frequently leading to negative patient outcomes…” The addition of this service will enable our residents to have a check up from a physician 24 hours a day, rather then take an unnecessary trip to the emergency room. Communities where TripleCare is in place have found that their residents can avoid a hospital trip 80% of the time!

So what does this mean? Imagine you are a resident and recuperating in the skilled nursing area of Meadowood. It is 2am in the morning and you are not feeling well. Instead of making a trip to the emergency room, the nurse on call is able to have one of the TripleCare physicians “see” you via computer monitor and assess you on the spot! This is how it works:

  1. A nurse, recognizing a patient is in need, calls TripleCare.
  2. The nurse reaches a doctor and they review the patient’s clinical issue(s).
  3. Pushing a single button activates the telemedicine unit  and brings a doctor to the patient’s bedside.
  4. The patient and physician meet and an examination takes place.
  5. The physician and nurse begin care, with the inclusion of the patient’s attending physician + family as needed.
  6. TripleCare provides full documentation of the visit to ensure coordination of care.
  7. The patient is comfortably treated in place and a hospitalization is avoided.

“Co-founders Dr. David Chess and Evan Rakowski met while developing other telemedicine solutions for the acute patient population. David, a geriatrician and healthcare innovator, and Evan, a business specialist and passionate entrepreneur, believed that dedicated, expert physicians supported by state-of-the-art technology would be the key to transforming health care. Based on 45 combined years of expertise in the healthcare field and several years of research and development, TripleCare was built to deliver that transformation.

Their mission is simple — deliver better care, affordably, while empowering our partners to excel in an ever-changing healthcare environment.”

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Telemedicine comes to Meadowood!