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Welcome back to the Wellness Blog!

I wanted to talk a little bit about our signature mission here at Meadowood Senior Living, which we call MEADOWELL.

MEADOWELL is not so much a program or a plan, but a way of life. It is a focus on the six dimensions of wellness we espouse—physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, vocational and social. Everything you do, every day, encompasses at least one of these dimensions of wellbeing.

Our quest is to offer support to you in achieving wellness over every one of these dimensions. We believe it is important not only to add years to your life, but to add life to your years.

This is your time to focus on yourself. On your health, your happiness, and all the things you may have put on the backburner while other priorities required your time and effort.

As you settle in at Meadowood, we will offer you an opportunity to meet with the Fitness and Wellness staff to take a free fitness evaluation, a balance evaluation, and to fill out a wellness self-assessment. This one hour is an important first step to get you started (or to help you continue) your wellness journey here at Meadowood Senior Living. And it isn’t difficult, I promise you!

These evaluations and assessments will provide you with useful information that can help you figure out what might be lacking in your life, and can put you on the road to making real and lasting changes.

It’s important to note that this is YOUR personal journey. You choose your own path, always. Our job is simply to meet you exactly where you are and offer our help and guidance. No judgements, no pressure.

In the next blog post, we’ll talk a little bit about the Physical Dimension of wellness, and the many opportunities you will have at Meadowood to achieve your goals. Do you want to work out more? Take innovative exercise classes? Learn how to eat better? Improve your balance or reduce stress? Opportunities abound.

Check back here at the beginning of March to see what we have to offer!

Until we meet…