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What’s included in my monthly service package? More free time, enhanced wellness and compelling connections!

What’s included in my monthly service package? More free time, enhanced wellness and compelling connections!

What’s included in my monthly service package? More free time, enhanced wellness and compelling connections!

When you move into your new home as a part of Meadowood’s welcoming community, you gain so much more than an ideal place to retire. While your entrance fee secures your residence and guaranteed healthcare if needed, your monthly service package covers a host of valuable benefits that serve to enhance and encourage your active lifestyle.


Time on your terms

Life at Meadowood is maintenance-free, and your monthly service package covers all the services that will enable you to spend your time how you choose – not on yard work, home maintenance, home repairs or housekeeping.

With all those services included, you can enjoy the best of every season at Meadowood and our park-like campus. There is no more winter shoveling, no more spring upkeep, no more yard work in the summer heat and no more wrangling the leaves in the fall. That means you have more time to explore or reignite a hobby, more time to entertain guests or host family and more time to thrive.

Living well: It’s included

Wellness is woven into the fabric of life at Meadowood, and our community offers fitness resources that promote comprehensive well-being. Included with your monthly service package are fitness amenities encompassing all facets of physical health, including a contemporary fitness center, indoor pool, professionally guided exercise classes and more. Nutritious nourishment is also a part of the balance, and our fresh, chef-guided menus ensure that you’ll be enjoying healthy, flavorful meals as part of our flexible dining plans.

A community full of connections

At Meadowood, you’ll have every opportunity to be social, which is a research-backed key to longevity and a happy life. Activities abound at our community, featuring arts, entertainment, outings, education, volunteering, faith and more – all included with your monthly service package. In addition, Meadowood provides value through convenience, with our on-site banking, postal services, pharmacy services, pastoral services and connections to local transportation.

Peace of mind (at a surprising value)

Many seniors believe that living in a Life Plan Community is costlier than simply staying at home. What that mindset fails to consider is the overall value of services that a Life Plan Community provides, for both today and tomorrow.

Today, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind from amenities such as a 24-hour security staff and a 24-hour Urgent Needs Response System, plus no more worrying about utility bills because your monthly service package covers key utilities such as water, sewer, electricity, trash removal and television service. For tomorrow, if your needs change, you’ll have guaranteed access to Meadowood’s continuum of care – all with virtually no increase to your monthly service package cost with a LifeCare contract.

Independent of the massive value provided by our renowned on-site healthcare services, being at Meadowood compares favorably to any other option. That said, we invite you to explore our cost calculator to see how the options stack up.

The best way to see how all these amenities and services come together is by coming to Meadowood for a personalized tour of our community. If you’re interested, we’d love to welcome you and share what makes Meadowood special. To get in touch, simply click here or call 610-5840-1000!