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10 Little-Known Facts About Meadowood At Home

10 Little-Known Facts About Meadowood At Home

10 Little-Known Facts About Meadowood At Home

Today, we’re talking to Lynn Perugini, director of sales and marketing at Meadowood At Home. Lynn has been helping seniors make choices about their future care for 25+ years, and knows how overwhelming the decision process can be. In this post, she’ll explain 10 little-known facts about the Meadowood At Home program.

  1. It’s not home care. It’s more than that. Meadowood At Home and other continuing care at home programs are not just home care (although they include it). Meadowood At Home is a complete plan for your future, offering soup-to-nuts services, including housekeeping, meal preparation, concierge service, nursing care and more. It can be a good fit for people who are looking for a Life Plan Community, but would like to enjoy those services from their home as a bridge before moving to a community. Or for people who wish to remain where they are permanently.
  2. You shouldn’t wait too long to sign up. Similar to entering a Life Plan Community, you need to undergo a wellness screening and be at a certain level of health to join Meadowood At Home.
  3. There’s a strong chance you will need a program like this. Meadowood At Home is insurance for aging well and it’s the only type of protection you buy that you’re very likely to need. Your chances of crashing your car are just 1%, and the odds of burning down your house are even lower. But the chances you’ll need care as you grow older are 75%.
  4. Meadowood At Home is more affordable than many other forms of care. 75% of people over 65 will spend between $300,000 and $800,000 on later life care. Entering Meadowood At Home can potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars you might spend in the last 6-8 years of your life. It’s more affordable than either a retirement home or paying cash out of pocket.
  5. Meadowood At Home provides the same services as Meadowood except they’re in your home. Also known as a CCRC without walls, Meadowood At Home offers complete services, from housekeeping to meal preparation to nursing care. You also have full access to the amenities and programs of Meadowood. It’s a great way to test drive the community and see if you eventually want to make that move.
  6. You’ll have your own Life Plan Coordinator. With Meadowood At Home, you get your own medical advocate and personal assistant — that’s your Life Plan Coordinator. In fact, there are now Meadowood residents who are also Meadowood At Home members. They registered because they wanted in-home care and the support of the Life Plan Coordinator.
  7. You can pair Meadowood At Home with long-term care insurance. People with existing long-term care insurance can successfully couple it with Meadowood At Home to make a complete services and asset protection plan. In fact, 71% of members of continuing care at home programs nationally have long-term care insurance.
  8. There are substantial tax benefits. With Meadowood At Home, you can deduct 100% of your membership and monthly fees on your Medical tax deduction. Members use the membership fee to offset their capital gains taxes from home sales, investments and rental properties.
  9. Meadowood At Home is 100% portable. You can take the program to any state in the country and the services will follow you. You’ll keep your Life Plan Coordinator, and it will be Meadowood’s responsibility to screen, vet, hire and manage local staff. The program is also portable into any Fee-For-Service retirement community. With Meadowood At Home, you can avoid Personal Care and Nursing Home levels of care because its services come to you in Independent Living.
  10. It’s a great bridge plan for a future Life Plan Community move. If you don’t want to move for three to five years, your health could decline, making you ineligible for a Life Care contract. By joining Meadowood At Home, you’ve already been approved for Life Care, and you won’t be denied Independent Living.

This can all be confusing, and Lynn is happy to sit down with you and put the pieces together. You can also learn more at a virtual presentation. Upcoming topics you won’t want to miss:

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To RSVP, call 484.998.5334 or register online.