Activities for Residents with Specialized Needs

We create customized wellness plans for residents with cognitive and physical challenges. A wide range of classes, as well as targeted personal training, nurture physical health, enhance movement and develop and maintain neural pathways in the brain. Some of our current offerings include:

  • Post-physical therapy personal training: Special rates for those who have completed physical therapy, but still need strengthening and flexibility work.
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL) personal training: Targeted personal training designed to increase strength and mobility needed to perform everyday tasks such as walking, lifting and bending.
  • Parkinson’s in Motion class: Movement and mental exercises designed specifically for residents with Parkinson’s and other neuromuscular diseases.
  • Fall Proof: A nationally-recognized course for anyone who wants to improve their balance. Class offered at different levels of ability.
  • Brain Games: Fun and challenging puzzles, math problems and word challenges for all levels of cognitive function.
  • Drum-Fit: A fun and active class to promoting brain health, physical movement and social connection for residents living in personal care and memory care.
  • Conductorcise: Uses classical music to connect mind, body and emotional well being throughout our Health Center.
  • AquaMotion: Water class held in therapy pool for those with arthritis and joint pain.
  • Sit-N-Fit: Exercise class for those who are unable to stand for prolonged periods of time, or who are wheelchair- or POV-bound.