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Frequently Asked Questions From Our Virtual Resident Panels

Frequently Asked Questions From Our Virtual Resident Panels

Frequently Asked Questions From Our Virtual Resident Panels

During COVID-19, we’ve replaced our on-campus events with virtual resident panels and other online events. These interactive sessions really get to the heart of what life is like here at Meadowood. One of the best parts of the panels has been the great questions participants are asking. Here are a few of the questions our residents most frequently get asked — and their forthright answers.

1. How’s the food? (Really, how’s the food?)

“We have a bistro here, and the food is absolutely magnificent. If you go to the dining room, you can always have the filet mignon, cooked to perfection, or you can just grab a quick bite in the café. We have three dining venues and it’s nice.” — Helene, resident

“Prior to COVID, we would very frequently go over to the main dining room and join friends and eat our meals there. It was always a pleasant experience. The food was delicious, the attention was excellent.” — Bob, resident

2. During the pandemic, what is the meal service experience like?

“The food service staff are doing a Herculean effort delivering to the front door.” — Erich, resident

“Meadowood has been very proactive in keeping us safe and well fed.” — Heike, resident

“With the meals that are delivered to us, we still have choices. They have tried to bring us really good, balanced meals.” — Gail, resident

3. What do you like about living at Meadowood?

“As an architect, I was particularly impressed by the beauty of the campus, the housing designs and all of the offerings. That is only supported further by the fact that those who dealt with us early on, as we were trying to make the big decision, were sincerely interested in what our needs were. We’ve been here now seven years and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. We feel very safe here. Some of our new best friends are now our neighbors here at Meadowood.” — Bob, resident

“What I really like are all the workout routines that we have. We have a phenomenal workout staff and classes for every level. During this pandemic, the staff put videos up on our intranet, and you can watch them and work out with them without even leaving your living room.” — Helene, resident

“My circle of friends keeps growing. There are so many different activities and committees here that I have a rough time choosing which ones to go to on a daily basis.” — Gail, resident 

“Residents have a lot of input into the way things are run. There are several Board committees, each of which has several residents who serve. This is one of the ways that the Board and management hear about issues or get input from residents. And Paul Nordeman’s door is always open.” — Helene, resident

“Might I say, ‘Life is good at Meadowood.’ Really.” — Erich, resident

4. What would you change about Meadowood?

“When The Grove was being planned, there was a concern about Meadowood growing too fast. But I would like to stress that management is transparent, and always listens to residents and endeavors to make changes where requested.” — Helene, resident

“Because so many things are included, in amenities, in services, and administrative openness, I would find it hard to come up with a single thing missing. One thing that might enhance our activities here is to have a staff social organizer. All of our activities are resident-activated and directed, but it might be helpful if we had a professional on the staff to help us expand the programs we currently have.” — Bob, resident

5. How has Meadowood handled the pandemic?

“I am busy, I am happy, I am having fun, I am spoiled, and I am well-fed, but most importantly, and I can’t stress this enough, I am safe.” — Helene, resident

“Meadowood’s reaction to COVID has gone above and beyond what anyone could have anticipated. The staff and administration have just been unbelievable in keeping us informed and happy. Fitness activities, education, entertainment and information programs, as well as religious services, are broadcast on our own TV channel. The COVID experience has brought staff and residents closer together as a team and as a family.” — Gail, resident

6. How have you been getting groceries during the pandemic?

“I just call and talk to the front desk and tell them all the food I want for the week and they go shop, and they bring it to my door. I never have to leave my dwelling, in order to get all the ingredients I need for a week’s worth of cooking. That’s an invaluable service to us.” — Bob, resident

7. What is something that people complain about?

“In my experience, residents for the most part complain about little things, like it took maintenance a little longer to get here to change a light bulb, or the lamb at dinner last night wasn’t to my taste.” — Helene, resident

“In addition to the new construction issues that we had, and were rectified, we had problems with TV/WiFi, which — after a lot of time and hard work — team members worked out. We have yet to be denied by ANY team member at Meadowood a response and solution in addressing any concern or issue. So far, our experience has been that ALL the staff CARE about what they do and are here to fix what might be amiss. If you do have a complaint, it will be sincerely addressed.” — Erich, resident

8. What’s it like for residents who don’t have garages?

“I have a covered carport for my courtyard home. It’s absolutely delightful because, when it snows, the car doesn’t get messy or anything like that. And it’s a short walk from my apartment front door, so it’s not inconvenient at all.” — Helene, resident

“The Schulz Community Center, which is the hub of our community, connects to courtyard apartments with a covered walkway that takes you all the way there. Residents of interior apartments can take an interior corridor to the center. Our skilled nursing, memory care and personal care neighborhoods are all connected to the center, as well. Residents of The Grove are not connected, but they have underground reserved parking spots. They can take an elevator up to their apartment.” — John Kotsatos, Vice President of Marketing and Sales

 9. Can new residents customize their new residence?

“When we came and saw our carriage house, our patio in the back was a bit small. And the staff said, “Well, you’re an architect, why don’t you design a patio that you would like and we’ll build it?” And they did. And we love it! The staff really has a commitment to work with you to make your home what you want it to be.” — Bob, resident

“I had oriental rugs that I wanted to bring with me, so it was very important that I had hardwood floors put down. I also like crown molding in the living room and the dining area. The sunroom is really where I live, so it was very fortuitous that we were able to add that to the existing apartment. I enlarged the patio and I have put pavers on top, so it’s really nice. All the appliances were upgraded. I had bookcases built into my study, too. They did everything just the way I wanted it done.” — Helene, resident

“When apartments are vacated, there is a level of refurbishment that we will do, and then we do provide options that allow an incoming resident to pick standard items or upgrades. Meadowood has done a great job with being flexible and understanding what people want to do, so that they can customize their homes. Somebody can also not make many changes at all and receive a new, modern home.” — John Kotsatos, Vice President of Marketing and Sales

10. Can you talk about your memory care program?

“We currently have a memory care neighborhood, but we’re in the process of the final design of a major new program, and we’ll have all the bells and whistles needed for that particular group of people. I’m very proud of how that design is coming together and I think it will be a super asset.” — Bob, resident

11. Why join the Meadowood Club?

“People get focused on the walls that they are moving into — it’s really important to also look at the people that live in the community. What are the programs that they participate in? What do they like doing? The Meadowood Club allows people to get a sense of the feel of the community, the people, the programs and the dining, rather than just the buildings.” — John Kotsatos, Vice President of Marketing and Sales

We hope you received some helpful answers to your questions here! We’d love to have you participate in an upcoming virtual panel, so you can ask questions that are still on your mind and get honest answers from residents. To see dates and register, or arrange a safe tour of the community, call 610.584.3998 or visit DiscoverMeadowood.net.