Our Retirement Community’s Cost Calculator

Compare Your Monthly Retirement Living Costs

Many people think of retirement community living as more expensive than staying in a house or condo, but when you put pencil to paper, you will be surprised at how affordable life at our retirement community can be.

Fill out our cost comparison worksheet to see how your monthly costs at our Worcester, Pennsylvania, senior living community will stack up to the amount you’re presently paying. Of course, there are also the intangibles, like new friendships, peace of mind and the time to pursue favorite interests!

Contact us for help filling out the worksheet and an in-depth analysis of your costs or to start the conversation with Meadowood today.

Monthly Cost/Fee Your Expenses Now Meadowood
Housing & Utilities
Insurance on personal belongings
Homeowner’s insurance Included
Property taxes Included
Rent/mortgage/monthly fee
Condo/association fee Included
Cable TV Included
Electricity Included
Gas/oil Included
Telephone Included
Water Included
Sewer Included
WIFI Included
Home Maintenance/Cleaning
Trash collection Included
Normal home maintenance Included
House cleaning service Included
Appliance repair/replacement Included
Lawn care Included
Snow removal Included
Routine maintenance contracts (HVAC) Included
Security system/service Included
Food & Entertainment
Meals & groceries 30 meals included
Household supplies
Athletic club fee Included
Movies Included
Swim club fee Included
Other Included
Ambulance association
Long-term care insurance Included for Life Care
Other Misc. Expenses (medications, etc.)
Total Estimated Monthly Expenses