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Living Your Best Life

Living Your Best Life

Living Your Best Life

With our ever-growing wellness philosophy (Meadowell), unique programming, and a new look at how our independent living community can foster personal growth while enriching the lives of all who live and work here, 2024 promises to be an exciting year for Meadowood.

We’ve crowned it the year of “Living Your Best Life.” We’re rolling out a series of events, workshops, classes, and enriching activities, with the theme of active aging always present in our programs.

To our Fitness and Wellness calendar, the new wellness programs we’ve added starting in January include a Golf Rx workshop, line dancing, personal training specials, and a high-intensity Jogs and Jacks class in the lap pool. (Speaking of the pool, the residents of Normandy Farms Estates joined our own Aquasaurs for friendly water volleyball competition last week. Lots of fun!)

January also featured THINK! — A different kind of Happy Hour. “Think” of it as a new spin on social engagement. The fourth event of its kind saw participants assigned to random tables and given simple — but not easy — questions to discuss and debate as they sipped wine and soft drinks, nibbled on snacks, and pondered their answers. Topics included listing the qualities of a genius, deciding on whether you’d like to go forward or backward in a time machine, and whether or not marriage licenses, like driver’s licenses, should have to be renewed. Who says lifelong learning can’t be fun?

Hosted by our Intellectual Wellness Programming Committee, THINK! never fails to spur some great conversation, thorough debate, and lots of laughs. Our residents meet new friends and get to know their neighbors on a deeper level, coming away with meaningful relationships as well as varying points of view and a strengthened sense of community.

Feedback was positive from those who attended the event that epitomized active aging: “The questions were stimulating and took a lot of thought.” “As a new resident, it was a great way to socialize and meet new people.” “My mind was changed more than once during the discussions.” And best of all, to the question, “What does ‘living your best life’ mean to you?” The number one answer was, “Living at Meadowood.”

Some campus-wide efforts kicked off during January as well. Senior Director of Fitness and Wellness Rebecca Anhorn created a committee to explore the expansion of community support groups on campus that would further enhance emotional wellness. She also spearheads a task force aimed at growing joint efforts between Meadowood departments and the Meadowood Residents’ Association that will enhance the Meadowell experience for residents as well as staff.

“The Meadowell experience of holistic well-being is expanding, reaching to the far corners of our campus and beyond,” Anhorn said.  “Living, working, and having fun together is what our vibrant community is all about.”

The year of “Living Your Best Life” promises to be a rich and fulfilling year of active aging and exploration here on our beautiful campus. Stay tuned!

Until we meet…