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Meet the Team: Sheryl Fitzgerald

Meet the Team: Sheryl Fitzgerald

Meet the Team: Sheryl Fitzgerald

In the first installment of our “Meet the Fitness and Wellness Staff,” Wellness Coach Donna Birdsell interviews our newest member of the team, Sheryl Fitzgerald.

Sheryl has been with Meadowood for seven months and has already made her mark here, proving herself a valuable member of the Fitness and Wellness team.

Welcome to Meadowood, Sheryl! Will you tell us a little about your background?
I was a case worker and community outreach coordinator for 15 years for Bucks County Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired. I am also a certified paralegal and worked in the mortgage industry for many years as a funding manager.

From a personal training standpoint, I have been a running coach for the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) for 10 years, and coach middle school track and field students. I have also been an ACSM-certified trainer for five years.

What have you been doing since you arrived at Meadowood?
I’ve been teaching classes, including courtyard workouts, total body chair, strength training, standing aerobics, and balance boot camp. I also started an Advanced Boot Camp for residents, a Low Vision Support Group for residents, and a Couch to 5K running class for staff.

How have your past experiences influenced your work here?
My caseworker experience as well as my coaching experience has helped me in assisting residents with setting goals for physical fitness and overcoming challenges they may be having. What may work for one resident is not always a fit for another resident, so looking at each person as a unique individual is an important part of the job.

What drew you to work here?
After 15 years and the challenges of the Covid environment, I was ready for a change. I loved my job, but felt it was time for new challenges. Also, I knew that the intern that I had been training was ready to take over in my position, so I felt secure in the knowledge that my clients were in good hands.

I wanted to transition into full-time personal training as a career change, and I saw the job opening at Meadowood online. I was a bit nervous because I hadn’t interviewed anywhere in 15 years, but when (Director of Fitness and Wellness) Becky Anhorn called me, something clicked. I came in for an interview and I felt comfortable here. Everyone was very welcoming.

What do you hope to bring to your position in the future?
I’d like to follow current fitness trends and implement more classes. For example, tap dance or an adaptive class for the visually impaired.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I enjoy my family time and I continue to coach and train outside of Meadowood. I competitively run in the Bucks County 5K series every year, as well.

Tell us a little about your family.
I’m married and have two children and one grandson. My daughter is getting married this fall and lives locally, and my son is off to Penn State where he will continue his amazing track career.


Since we have gotten to know you, we’ve noticed that you have an obsession with the color pink! What’s that all about

I was just born this way! For as long as I–and my mother–can remember, pink has been my favorite color. It has just never changed.


Thanks, Sheryl! We look forward to working with you for a long time to come!