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Resident Calls Life at Meadowood “a Wraparound Hug.”

Resident Calls Life at Meadowood “a Wraparound Hug.”

Resident Calls Life at Meadowood “a Wraparound Hug.”

Today, we’re talking with Janet Kovacs, a Meadowood resident of 3½ years. Janet is helping organize “The Residents of Meadowood,” the third session of our Smart Planning series. In an open forum on Wednesday, April 8, participants will hear directly from residents why they made the move to Meadowood.

We’re asking Janet to share some of her personal insights about life here — and what she thinks people should consider as they make their decision.

When we ask Janet about her experience at Meadowood, she says, “You know, it just gets better all the time. The overriding thing that I really like about Meadowood is the people — the residents and team members. Essentially, people care about each other here. You just sort of become absorbed in giving back and being involved with others. We’re just friendly, happy people.”

More of Janet’s favorites: She loves the 24/7 fitness center, (“If you’re an insomniac and you’re up at 2 in the morning, you can go work out’’) and the open spaces. “I’m looking out at my garden right now, and it’s beautiful,” she says. Janet also loves the choices in residences, including The Grove, Meadowood’s newest living option. “It’s awesome,” she says. “The residences are bright and sunny, and the residents I’ve met are very content living there.”

One thing that made Janet’s transition easier was immersing herself in the life of Meadowood. “There’s a lot to do, and there’s more all the time,” she says. Janet organizes the Greeter program, is a member of the Meadowood Residents Association and teaches mah-jongg — a game she introduced to the community that has caught on like wildfire.

Having made the transition herself, Janet has a few pieces of advice for people who are considering making the move.

  1. Create a list of priorities. Be practical about what you are looking for.
  2. Move early. The younger you are when you come in, the easier it is to make the transition.
  3. Work with a financial planner. Make sure you explore your contract options and understand exactly what your choices are.
  4. Join the Meadowood Club. Janet has noticed that people who get involved in the Meadowood Club have a smooth transition. They already know people and are familiar with the campus and activities by the time they move in.
  5. Get to know Meadowood several ways. In addition to joining the Meadowood Club, Janet recommends really getting a sense of what’s here by walking around and exploring the campus, having a meal in several dining venues and spending a night in the guest house if it fits into your schedule.

Janet did quite a bit of research before she made the move and definitely felt that she made the right choice in Meadowood. She describes the feeling of life here as “a hug. It’s a wraparound hug.” What could be better than that?

Want more tips about making the decision to move to a retirement community? Attend “The Residents of Meadowood,” a complimentary open forum with lunch, on Wednesday, April 8, at 11 a.m. To save your seat, call 610.584.1000.