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June 2, 2015

Early Days at Meadowood

The following recollection was written by Barbara Beatrice, VP of Human Resources at Meadowood. My relationship with Meadowood began as the community opened in May 1988, when I came to the guest house to be interviewed for the position of Director of Personnel. I was impressed by the beauty of the campus, and the philosophy of honoring the dignity of residents and employees. I accepted the position, and began my Meadowood journey with the anticipation of being part of something that was new, special and exciting. I have never been disappointed. In […]
April 3, 2015

What does wellness mean to you?

What does wellness mean to you? There’s a lot of talk about wellness lately. What does it really mean though? It’s one of those buzz words that holds a different meaning for each person. At Meadowood it means participating in whatever type of physical, intellectual, social or meaningful activity that works best for you. Meadowood’s Fitness and Wellness program is much more than a space to exercise; it is a comprehensive program that promotes the Six Dimensions of Wellness (Social, Mental, Environmental, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical). We understand that not […]